Gabriel Moreno & The Quivering Poets


Published poet and modern day bard, Gabriel Moreno has been playing in the London alternative folk circle for nearly a decade now. His Gibraltarian roots are embedded in his guitar playing style whilst his songs have their foundations in British and American, modern musical structures, resulting in a sumptuous bohemian experience. During the recording of his album, ‘Love & Decadence’ Gabriel Moreno had some of the most interesting musicians in the alternative folk scene in London and Barcelona gravitating towards him to form what would later be known as The Quivering Poets. After successful tours in 2016 in Grottamare, Pescara, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Exeter and most recently Germany with 10 tour dates, the Quivering Poets have cemented their musical and poetical alliance. This strong bond is beautifully expressed in their performances through perfected musicianship, powerful stage panache and haunting tunes. Members of The Quivering Poets also express their own version of quivering poetry through their instruments and are very well respected and acclaimed as musicians in their respective scenes.

Pablo Yupton is an instrumentalist, composer, published poet and arranger and founding member of The Quivering Poets. His main instruments are bass and electric guitar. He is known for his dark souly/jazzy blues riffs and his impeccable rhythm.

Barbara Bartz is one of the most sought after fiddle players in the London Alternative Folk music scene. She fuses Eastern European folk, alternative folk, Celtic roots, and other more traditional melodies with a modern sensitivity.

Adam Beattie is a multi-instrumentalist, a composer, arranger, singer and performer who has been touring the UK and Europe for the past 10 years. An acclaimed singer- songwriter himself, Adam plays bass for The Quivering Poets, arranges and directs the songs with his refined and sensitive sense of music and poetry.

Pablo Campos comes from Barcelona and he has been a vibrant and important part of its folk, soul, Spanish folk, and jazzy blues music scene for the past 5 years. His rhythms are influenced by a number of world music varieties.