Robert Ninot - One


A concept album from Robert Ninot the acclaimed pianist and composer. “One” is a true tribute to the piano as one of the most influential instruments across all genres of music. The compositions within the album are based on orchestral and pop works.

“The Message” is composed in the manner of Baroque Suites, particularly those of Couperin, contributing to a distinctive style that is based on the fusion of the “L’Ecole Francaise” (of Debussy, Ravel and Poulenc) and British rock/pop of the 60s. The focal point of this piece is femininity, approached from many angles throughout and the piece also points a finger at the hypocrisy of our society towards women.

“Le Summer of Love” translates a more abstract subject into the field of music. It is a study on the necessity of rituals that help us develop a balanced life. Here, the extensive work of Wilfred Mellers was the guide to Robert’s composition that yields homage to the surrealist and the hippy movements. The festivals today are one of, if not the biggest, rituals of our society, reminiscent of the Middle Ages, something that defines or heavily influences our desires during our lives. The minimalist form of this piece, that is dear to the great abstract painters, allows it to dive deeply into the relationship between the “he” and the “she” and to look at the development of it all through the impression of an imaginary music festival.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Piano - Robert Ninot
Composer - Robert Ninot